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The Streak

The Cranberry girls won 202 straight games in the Triple-County Athletic Conference (Division II) from Feb. 13, 1990 to Jan. 16, 2003.

It began after a 41-40 loss to East Forest in 1990. It ended with a 54-44 loss to Youngsville 13 years and 202 games later.

The Berries had little trouble disposing of league foes through 1995. That's when they won three state championships and four District 10 crowns. 

Their average winning margins in those years were: 48.06 in 1991, 63.87 in 1992, 59.37 in 1993, 54.31 in 1994 and 62.81 in 1995.

But there were some close calls after that:

  • a 3-point victory over Youngsville (59-56) in 1996

  • another 3-point win, this time over Eisenhower (39-36) in 1997 when they also survived 8- and 9-point decisions over Eisenhower and East Forest. Their averaging winning margin dropped to 21.43.

  • three straight close calls against Sheffield (44-40), Youngsville  (34-33) and West Forest (52-49) and one game later a five-point victory over Rocky Grove in 1998.

  • Their closest games in 1999 were six and seven points, and in 2000, six and nine points before 2001 turned out to be another waltz (44-point average winning margin.)

  • The nail-biters returned in 2002 with a pair of two-point victories, on in overtime, against East Forest. Still, that average winning margin was a pretty good 33.8.

  • Venango Catholic gave the Berries a scare in 2002 with a 41-38 victory. One game later, after wallowing Tidioute by 54 points, Cranberry met its Waterloo with a 54-44 loss to Youngsville.

Largest margins of victory


  • 105 vs. Tidioute (125-20) in 1991-92

  • 90 vs. Eisenhower (112-22) in 1995

  • 88 vs. Venango Christian (103-15) in 1993-94

  • 86 vs. Rocky Grove (97-11) in 1995-96

Special thanks to Ed Brannon, sports editor of The Derrick/The News-Herald, for providing me with the numbers.

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