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District 10 2A sections

Feb. 16-17 at Sharon


Seconds -- Cael Dailey (121), Gary Kiselka (215)

Ffiths -- Ethan Hart (160), Drew Kockler (172)

Sevenths -- Jebediah Adams (145)

District 9

Feb. 23-24 at Clarion


Firsts -- Aiden Thompson, Dalton Wenner

Second -- Elijah Brosius

Thirds -- Dane Wenner, Devyn Fleeger

Fourth -- Alex McLaughlin

Fifth -- Danny DeLong

District 10

Feb. 23-24 at Sharon

Second -- Cael Dailey

Sixth -- Gary Kiselka

Northwest Regional

Mar. 1-2 at Sharon


Firsts -- Dalton Wenner, Dane Wenner

Thirds -- Elijah Brosius, Aiden Thompson

PIAA 2A State Tournament

Sixths -- Dalton Wenner, Cranberry

PIAA 2A State 

Mar. 7-9

Sixth -- Dalton Wenner



Career --Dane Wenner 104-32, Elijah Brosius 102-33 (both juniors), senior Devyn Fleeger 83-40, soph Dalton Wenner 73-12

This season -- Dalton Wenner 39-12, Dane Wenner and Elijah Brosius, both 36-12, Devyn Fleeger 32-9, Aiden Thompson 32-11


Career -- Senior Cael Dailey 90-28

This season -- Cael Dailey 26-8, Gary Kiselka 32-12, Trenton Rice 20-12


Franklin's Cael Dailey, 121-pound senior, and Gary Kiselka, 215-pound sophomore, were named to the Region 2 all-stars by the Erie Times News. Dailey was a first team pick. Kiselka was on the second team. (Richard Sayer photos)

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Surrounding coach Dustin Wenner are Cranberry's state qualifiers (from left); Aiden Thompson, Dane Wenner, Dalton Wenner and Elijah Brosius. The Wenner brothers won Northwest regional titles while Thompson and Brosius took thirds to qualify.



Bo Wood -- Indiana

First -- Gary Kiselka

Seconds -- Cael Dailey, Trenton Rice

Howland, Ohio (fifth place)

Second -- Gary Kiselka

Third --- Drew Kockler

Fourth -- Trenton Rice

Fifth -- Jebediah Adams

Sixth -- Dallas Ross

Eighth -- Trenan Smith

Fred Bell -- Grove City

Third -- Gary Kiselka

Fifth -- Cael Dailey


King of the Mountain -- Central Mountain

Third -- Dalton Wenner

Fifth -- Elijah Brosius

Sixth -- Dane Wenner

Seventh -- Devyn Fleeger

D-9 League (third place)

Firsts -- Aiden Thompson, Dalton Wenner, Elijah Brosius and Devyn Fleeger

Second -- Dane Wenner

Third -- Alex McLaughlin

Fifth -- Danny DeLong

Sixths --Henry Milford and Chevelle Bish

Seventh -- Dade Rembold

Eighths -- Kayson Geib, Conner Reszkowski and Matt Gregory

Mid-Winter Mayhem -- Indiana

Third -- Dalton Wenner

Sixth -- Elijah Brosius

Sevenths -- Dane Wenner and Devyn Fleeger

Howland, Ohio (second place)

(Round-robin results)

Firsts -- Aiden Thompson, Elijah Brosius, Devyn Fleeger and Henry Milford

Second -- Alex McLaughlin

Third -- Danny DeLong

Seventh -- Jack Nuhfer

Fred Bell  (fifth place) Grove City

First -- Dalton Wenner

Second -- Elijah Brosisus

Third -- Dane Wenner

Fourth -- Devyn Fleeger

Fifth -- Aiden Thompson

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STATE MEDALISTS -- Franklin earned five state medals in the PIAA 2A swim meet. From left: Jordan Stumpf, Nathan Pfenningwerth, Kye Winslow and Camden Smith. Smith was fourth in the fly (50.53, 50.44 in prelims) and fifth in the 100 free (46.84), Pfennigwerth seventh in the 50 (21.83). The medley relay was fifth in a school record 1:36.95 and the 400 free relay was fourth in 3:12.62. All were all-staters.

Franklin's state qualifiers were (from left): Nathan Pfennigwerth, Jordan Stumpf, Dani Erdley, Camden Smith and Kye Winslow. The four boys qualified in the medley and 400 free relays. Those who qualified in individual events were Smith in the butterfly and 100 free, Pfennigwerth in the 50 and breaststroke, Stumpf in the 200 free, Winslow in the backstroke and Erdley in the 500 free. Smith, Pfennigwerth, Stumpf and Winslow were named All-District 10 and were first team all-region in the medley and 400 free relays. Smith was also first team all-region in the 50, 100 and fly. Second team all-region picks were Pfennigwerth, Bryson Watson, Stumpf and Ethan Nightingale in the 200 free relay and Pfennigwerth in the 50. Erdley, a freshman, was second team all-region in there backstroke.

Oil City's state qualifiers were (from left): Logan Rakow, Bob Wheeler, Charlie Motter, Caleb Stover (50 free) and Kallie Smith (IM, back). Stover made all-state in the 50, taking 10th in a school record 21.87. The four boys qualified in the 200 and 400 free relays, which both made all-state (top 16). The 200 free relay, which was 11th, lowered the school record to 1:29.55. The foursome also clocked a school record 3:20.47 in toe 400 relay. Smith competed in the IM and back, swimming a 60.4, her second fastest time ever. Stover was named All-District 10. The 200 free relay was first team all-region. They were second team all-region in the 400 free relay andMotter was second team all-region in the breaststroke. Smith was one of 24 girls picked to the District 10 all-stars. She was second team all-region in the 50, IM and breaststroke and in the 200 free relay where she joined sophomores Madyson Kissell, Gabi Schiffer and Annabella Sharrar.


District 10 Results


Medley relay -- 2. Kye Winslow, Nathan Pfennigwerth, Camden Smith, Jordan Stumpf, school record 1:36.95

200 free -- 3. Stumpf, 11. Dathan Weaver, 16. Jackson Clark

IM -- 5. Winslow, 16. Clark

Fly -- 1. Smith 50.1, school record;16. Ethan Nightengale

50 free -- 1. Pfennigwerth 21.81

200 free relay -- 6. Weaver, Bryson Watson, Nightingale, Quintin Boozell

100 free -- 1. Smith, 46.11

500 -- 4. Stumpf, 12. Weaver, 16. Boozell

Back -- 2. Winslow

Breast -- 4. Pfennigwerth, 14. Clark

400 free relay -- 1. Pfennigwerth, Winslow, Stumpf, Smith, school record 3:12.31

Second place


Medley relay -- 7. Jackson Dilks, Elijah Collins, Jacob Wenner, Clae Thompson

200 -- 7. Logan Rakow, 14. Wenner

IM -- 10. Bob Wheeler, 13. Collins

50 -- 3. Caleb Stover, 7. Charlie Motter, 13. Thompson

200 free relay -- 1. Stover, Motter, Wheeler, Rakow, school record 1:30.14

100 free -- 5. Stover, 8. Rakow, 9. Motter

Back -- 5. Wheeler, 10. Dilks, 13. Thompson

Breast -- 10. Collins

400 free relay -- 3. Stover, Motter, Wheeler, Rakow, school record 3:20.49

Fourth place


200 free -- 2. Kallie Smith

IM -- 6. Madyson Kissell

Fly -- 14. Gabi Schiffer

200 free relay -- 8. Smith, Kissell, Schiffer, Annabella Sharrar

500 -- 6. Kissell

Back -- 4. Smith, 11. Schiffer

400 free relay -- 6. Smith, Kissell, Schiffer, Sharrar


Medley relay -- 14. Lexi Anthony, Ally Wilson, Logan Stumpf, Jersie Porter

Fly -- 10. Dani Erdley

500 -- 3. Erdley

200 free relay -- 12. Erdley, Wilson, Ellie Coyer, Porter

District 10 Qualifiers

Oil City

Caleb Stover, Charlie Motter, Bob Wheeler, Logan Rakow, Jackson Dilks, Eli Collins, Jacob Wenner and Cale Thompson, and, for the girls: Kallie Smith, Madyson Kissell, Gabi Schiffer and Annabella Sharrar. 


Camden Smith, Nathan Pfennigwerth, Kyle Winslow, Jordan Stumpf, Dathan Weaver, Bryson Watson, Ethan Nightingale, Jacob Balsamo, Jacksen Clark, Quinten Boozell, Ellie Coyer, Jersie Porter, Ally Watson, Lexi Anthony ,  Logan Stumpf and Dani Erdley.

Oh, what a night

Franklin broke four Oil City  pool records -- with Camden Smith having had a hand in all of them -- in a 96-74 victory over the Oilers Feb. 5.


Two more big accomplishments followed:


  • The Knights wrapped up the region title with a 96-68 win over Grove City on Feb. 8. It was their first region crown since 2013 when they shared it with Grove City.

  • And finally on Feb. 13, they beat Titusville, 110-60, for a 13-0 record, their first unbeaten campaign since 2012.

Unlike the first go-round against Oil City when the Knights swept all 11 firsts, Franklin "only" took six races Feb. 5.


"We had a different agenda for this meet than the first time we swam Oil City," Franklin coach Charlie Smith told The News-Herald. "Obviously, we wanted to get a team win, but we were also hunting records, and we got four of them."

Smith's records came in the 50 free (21.77), 100 free (47.49) and in the medley relay (1:40.29) with Kye Winslow, Nathan Pfennigwerth and  Jordan Stumpf) and 400 free relay (same four, 3:22.02).

The old open free records were set in the 1980s -- 1987 in the 50 and 1886 in the 100 -- that by Oil City''s Wes Gaylor (48.37). Smith's time in the 100 also broke the region mark set in 2014 by Franklin's Phil Emerson  (47.74). 


Earlier, the medley relay shattered the old record of 1:43.19 set in 1996 by Darren Livezey, Mike Frederick, Ryan Fennick and Nate Edmondson. Grove City held the former 400 free relay mark of 3:25.27.

Southern Tier results

Franklin boys won the title in the Feb. 10 meet at Spire. Titusville claimed the overall championship and Oil City was second.

Oil City's Kallie Smith won the IM and the backstroke. Caleb Stover won the 50 free, setting a meet record. Stover also teamed with Charlie Motter, Logan Rakow and Bob Wheeler for a meet record in the 400 free relay. The same four tied Franklin for first in the 200 free relay in another meet record time. 

Franklin's Camden Smith won the butterfly in a meet record time. Smith, Nathan Pfennigwerth, Kye Winslow and Jordan Stumpf set a meet record in the 200 medley relay besides tying Oil City in the 200 free relay. 

Iroquois results

Franklin took first place. Camden Smith won the 50 free and butterfly. Knights claimed the 200 medley and 400 free relays

Oil City took third. Caleb Stover won the 100 and teamed with Bob Wheeler, Logan Rakow and Charlie Motter for first in 200 relay and secind in the 400.

North East results

Oil City: Kallie Smith took third in the IM to go with a fourth in the backstroke

Final records

Franklin boys -- 13-0 (region champions)

Oil City boys -- 11-2

Oil City girls -- 7-6

Franklin girls -- 3-10

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